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Our Services / Commercial Cleaning

Internal and External Commercial window cleaning.

We cater for all types of commercial window cleaning. For interior work we only use the best traditional equipment and for exterior work our water fed pole system is perfect for large area cleaning. We can also carry out a risk assessment prior to commencement of work should this be required.
Preferential cleaning times can be arranged in order to cause the least disruption to your workplace as possible.

Signage cleaning.

Let us take the burden of keeping your shop front facades and signage sparkly clean and attractive to your customers. Exterior signage surfaces respond extremely well to deionised water making for a great compliment to your glass. We undertake both interior and exterior signage cleaning.

Shop front cleaning.

Shop fronts frequently get covered in debris particularly if located on the roadside. We can keep your shop front looking at its optimum with regular scheduled cleans.

As with all commercial cleaning services we offer cleaning times which can be arranged early in order to eliminate any disruption to your business.

School window cleaning.

School contracts are more than welcome, and we are delighted to be involved in a couple of local schools.  These can be arranged out of term time if preferred and on a frequency best suited to you. As we carry high volumes of purified water, once we arrive on location all work can be carried out in one go. Additionally, we can reel out our hose over 100 metres making for easy access to different levels and where parking may be an issue.

Factory window cleaning.

As per residential cleaning, factory windows are well suited for our equipment either as a one-off clean or regular scheduled visits.

Office window cleaning.

Keep your workplace looking clean and professional. Early morning cleaning is available to eliminate any disruption to office activities.

Exterior window cleaning can be combined with interior cleaning either as a one-off / seasonal or regular clean.

Flats and Tower blocks.

Utilising the very best and latest carbon fibre pole technology we can reach heights of 60ft +!. Combined with our specialised brushes tailored for high level work we can access all windows from the ground.

Church Window Cleaning

We have cleaned a number of church exterior windows with very good results and feedback from customers.

Our equipment easily enables us to access high windows such as those situated near the belfry. A soft brush is used for leaded windows which easily glides over washing the window without applying too much pressure. This is very effective on all types of church windows including stain glass Lancet windows and Rose windows.

Domestic Services

All types of Residential window cleaning.

Multi level town houses.

Conservatory windows & roofs cleaning.

Velux window cleaning.

Lantern roof cleaning.

Cladding inc. composite/plastic cleaning.

Gable ends.

Garage doors/surrounding exteriors.

Domestic Services

Domestic facia cleaning.

Domestic soffit cleaning.

Domestic gutter cleaning.

Domestic gutter clearing.

Caravan exteriors.

Solar panel cleaning.

Commercial Services
Internal Commercial window cleaning.

Signage cleaning.

Shop front cleaning.

School window cleaning.

Factory window cleaning.

Office window cleaning.


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