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Conservatory Cleaning

We cater for all types of commercial window cleaning. For interior work we only use the best traditional equipment and for exterior work our water fed pole system is perfect for large area cleaning. We can also carry out a risk assessment prior to commencement of work should this be required.

Preferential cleaning times can be arranged in order to cause the least disruption to your workplace as possible.

For many properties the conservatory is the vocal point of the house to enjoy the garden. This makes is an important asset and one which should be maintained to keep it looking its best. We clean all the Upvc not just the glass so environmental debris and bird excrement is routinely removed. All to often bird excrement is left on to long and results in permanent marking which could have otherwise been avoided.

At SG window Cleaning we understand that a conservatory is an important feature to many peoples homes, with this in mind we offer quotations on all internal and external cleaning. If your conservatory is looking tired and green or if it just needs a routine clean to maintain its appearance and avoid build up of lichen and grime please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Our low pressure system gently removes grime protecting the surfaces and seals from damage with excellent results, temptation to use a home pressure washer should always be avoided as this can cause damage to seals and dislodge panels resulting in unnecessary costly repairs.

External deep clean:

Hand wash down of all glass and plastics including clearing of guttering.

Internal deep clean:

As above with hand wash, dry and polish of all internal glass and plastics.

Complete in and out clean:

Should you feel your conservatory would benefit from both and internal and external clean please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation and we will be happy to discuss. Additionally we will offer a discounted quote should you decide on a complete in and out clean

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