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Our Services / Domestic Cleaning

All types of residential cleaning

Whether you have a house, flat or bungalow our cleaning system will be perfect for the job.

We always include all the framework and cills so you will never been left with a job half done!

Front doors and porches are also included as standard with every routine clean.

Multi level town houses with Juliet balconies.

Multi-level are not a problem which might otherwise be dangerous if done traditionally. Our light weight telescopic poles can reach high up into tight spaces without compromising on your privacy or causing a hazard with ladders.

Conservatory windows and roofs cleaning.

Conservatory windows can be included in your routine clean or scheduled for a one-off deep clean. Whatever the condition we can return it to its former glory!  What should be an enhancement to your home can begin to look tired if left to weather; build-up of algae and other organic material spoil your garden view.  We can remove all this starting with the finery detail at the top, clearing the gutters and working our way down finishing off with the glass.

We also clean conservatory roofs. A filthy roof can reduce the level of enjoyment you get from your conservatory reducing the amount of light inside and spoiling the look from the garden. All this grime can be gently removed restoring your conservatory, so you can enjoy the views from inside again.

Velux window cleaning.

If you've ever had a traditional cleaner the chances are your Velux windows may have simply been left out as they may be too tricky to reach.

We clean all Velux windows as standard each time, so you can rest assured ALL of your windows are cleaned.

Lantern roof cleaning.

If you have a lantern roof you will want to make the most of the light coming in, not to mention keeping this beautiful feature looking its best. We can take care of this for you and can include in any routine clean should you wish.

Cladding and Gable cleaning.

If your house has cladding which is suffering from weathering and is long over-due a clean, we can make a dramatic difference

There is nothing quite like removing green algae to bring back brilliant white and we can achieve this with our high reach poles and warm purified water breaking down the organic material from top to bottom................ Please see photos in the gallery for examples

Soffit and Facia cleaning.

An excellent compliment to your cleaned windows and frames is to have your soffits and fascia boards cleaned. This can make a dramatic difference to a house particularly if its been many years since a clean was undertaken. We can clean off even the most green of jobs so please do not hesitate to enquire.

We would recommend our regular customers have this clean undertaken at annual intervals. As with cladding, we can clean up all tired looking soffits and facias removing weathered-on algae and other material.

As per dirty frames; soffits and facias that have been left uncleaned for a long time can significantly reduce the overall appearance of your home. Having these cleaned along with your frames will certainly compliment any property.

Gutter cleaning.

Due to sheer demand we have invested in a safer and more efficient means of gutter clearing. We now offer a gutter vac service operating from the ground which can reach up to 40ft. This powerful machine extracts debris and muck from your gutters through rigid carbon fibre poles reaching over conservatories and extensions. This removes the need for hazardous ladder work ensuring safety at all times.

Caravan exteriors.

We clean all kinds of caravans static or otherwise.  Should your caravan be in need of some TLC please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Solar panel cleaning.

Solar panels are now very much a part of the modern-day home.  We can include these as part of any routine clean (which is now frequently requested by customers). Keeping your solar panels clean will enhance their productivity and ensure your roofline along with your glass looks sparkly clean.

Domestic Services

All types of Residential window cleaning.

Multi level town houses.

Conservatory windows & roofs cleaning.

Velux window cleaning.

Lantern roof cleaning.

Cladding inc. composite/plastic cleaning.

Gable ends.

Garage doors/surrounding exteriors.

Domestic Services

Domestic facia cleaning.

Domestic soffit cleaning.

Domestic gutter cleaning.

Domestic gutter clearing.

Caravan exteriors.

Solar panel cleaning.

Commercial Services
Internal Commercial window cleaning.

Signage cleaning.

Shop front cleaning.

School window cleaning.

Factory window cleaning.

Office window cleaning.


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