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My name is Stephen Green and I am the owner of SG Window Cleaning Limited which was founded in 2016. We are a friendly family run business located in Faversham, Kent serving all surrounding areas from Swale (Sittingbourne), Canterbury, Whitstable, Ashford, and Dover. If your area is not listed please feel free to contact us to check.

The business was established following where I found there to be a growing demand for a new professional and modern approach to window cleaning, encompassing reliable service and utilising the most up to date high reach purified water technology. This demand was from both residential and commercial sectors requiring a good ethic, clear communication, quality of service and a reliable friendly approach. Our high reach heated purified water systems are suitable for all types of properties with excellent results, please read on for further information, and thank you for visiting our page

Purified water technology - How do we do it?

I was amazed at how many customers I met out the outset did not know the advantages of cleaning using high reach purified/ de-mineralised water, and how this breaks down foreign matter cleaning not just the glass but the whole window each time!. Normal tap water contains minerals and many other deposits including limestone, chlorine and metal contaminates.

These deposits are measured and defined as "Total dissolved Solids" (TDS) and tap water can generally range in number from 150 to 420 ppms (parts per million).
If you have ever tried to clean your windows or car with normal tap water only to be disappointed with the results what you are seeing are dried deposits from the water which are simply too dense to evaporate.

At SG Window Cleaning we remove these contaminants by passing the water through a 4 stage filtration system, this is called a reverse osmosis (RO) unit. As the water passes through each filter the contaminants are removed and flushed away as dirty water.

Once this process is complete the purified water is channelled into a de-ironizing vessel to finish, this adds a polish effect. The water is then collected and tested routinely for purity with a digital reader, the "Total dissolved Solids" (TDS) count will be reduced down to zero per million parts and ready for cleaning!.

Because purified water is a neutral it naturally draws and lifts away all the dirt and grime from any surface it comes into contact with, the neutral water wants to absorb the foreign matter like a magnet and in doing so pulls it to the ground.

This means you end up with streak free sparkly windows!. This also means not only streak free glass but also foreign matter caught in the frames and the cills gets broken down and flushed away.

The cleaning process:

Our vehicle-borne work station enables for completely mobile cleaning meaning we can carry enough water without having to undertake return trips.

This mobile system heats the purified water and feeds it up through our high reach telescopic poles for all those hard to reach windows and frames. using a soft bristlebrush
the dirty surfaces are gently agitated lifting away the grime and bringing back the colour to your frames and cills plus leaving your windows sparkly clean!

We also always include your front door / glass and any surround.

Domestic Services

All types of Residential window cleaning.

Multi level town houses.

Conservatory windows & roofs cleaning.

Velux window cleaning.

Lantern roof cleaning.

Cladding inc. composite/plastic cleaning.

Gable ends.

Garage doors/surrounding exteriors.

Domestic Services

Domestic facia cleaning.

Domestic soffit cleaning.

Domestic gutter cleaning.

Domestic gutter clearing.

Caravan exteriors.

Solar panel cleaning.

Commercial Services
Internal Commercial window cleaning.

Signage cleaning.

Shop front cleaning.

School window cleaning.

Factory window cleaning.

Office window cleaning.


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